The (Soda) Jerks

We Really Are Just a Bunch of (Soda) Jerks.

We’re quite serious when it comes to creating delicious, all-natural sodas. The rest of the time, however… all bets are off.

Matt Rogers

Matt, having a true passion for culinary science, is our resident flavor developer/conjurer. On any given day, you’ll likely find him in our test kitchen – surrounded by mountains of herbs, spices, and other random ingredients – hunched over some new concoction, trying to discover the “next big thing.”

Tiffany Rogers

Tiff serves as both the she-brains and the photographer of our operation. When she isn’t behind the camera, you’ll often find her taste-testing soda batches, filling bottles, having spontaneous dance breaks in the workshop, or pickin’ and grinnin’ with her bluegrass bandmates.

Shawn Clouse

Although skateboarding is forever his first love, Shawn also has a serious knack for all things baking and cooking. When he’s not busy slinging sodas and spreading the word about Pure, he helps run the fast-paced kitchen at a popular (and amazing) local restaurant.